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We are a company driven and nurtured by extensive internal and collaborative research and development activities. The company has access to one of Canada’s most advanced research infrastructures, being located on the site of INRS-EMT, including the Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) facility and Material Characterization laboratories.

PLASMIONIQUE’s R&D is related to the development of environmentally friendly Advanced Surface Engineering Processes related to a variety of applications, including Biomaterials, Surface Modification, Hydrophobicity and Nanomaterials Synthesis.

Plasmionique Prize

Since 2005,  the World Year of Physics, the Plasma Physics Division of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP-DPP) awards the PLASMIONIQUE prize during the CAP annual congress for the best student presentation. Students in any field that apply or study plasma phenomena are encouraged to participate in this competition.

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